My husband asked “what is the furthest thing in this world” “Emmmmm,,I don’t know” , I said… “Wiseman say, The past”..he answered.. ….. It is absolutely correct! No matter how hard we try, no matter how much effort we spent, we won’t reach back our past, we can’t turn back time.. So, no matter what … Continue reading


Changes… Environment change, Situation change, Life change, and, of course, People change.. The world pursues us to keep moving. Everyone is busy to do their life, to fix their life, to ‘upgrade’ their life, to move forward..Look-Forward and Go-Ahead are common phrases for people. But there’re still a few people who like to take a … Continue reading Changes


Chaos. Five letters. Have a lot of impact. I think my hypothesis about what cause chaos is almost right.  I have my own opinion, that : Chaos is the condition that will occur as a result of uncertainty. Let me prove it. When there is big sale on a department store, there’re should be a … Continue reading C.H.A.O.S

Happy Birthday, beyb…

Hubby’s birthday cake April 13 is my husband’s birthday,, so this is a-ten-days-later’s because i’ve been pretend  busy.. xP well,, better late than never , right? So, here’s what I wanna say to him, Dear my Beyba, Happy 26th birthdaaaay!! I wish for every single best wishes that possibly exist in this universe for you … Continue reading Happy Birthday, beyb…