Happy Birthday, beyb…


Hubby’s birthday cake

April 13 is my husband’s birthday,, so this is a-ten-days-later post..haha..it’s because i’ve been pretend  busy.. xP

well,, better late than never , right?

So, here’s what I wanna say to him,

Dear my Beyba,

Happy 26th birthdaaaay!! I wish for every single best wishes that possibly exist in this universe for you for sure.. May God always bless you..

.. I hope from this day forward, you will always be my dearest husband, my very best friend, my big supporter, my commited leader, and my fulltime lover..

26 ! yeyy! time goes by so fast! hope you will be more prepare to reach your big goals in your life, hope you will become better and better person day by day, hope you always able to give your best shot in your career, hope you will be a successfull man, hope you always love me more and more (^_^), and soooooooooooo many other wishes I wish in my heart but I couldn’t mention here one by one. But trust me, I realy do..

Never forget your dreams, beyb.. Love you always.. *hug* *kiss*


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