My husband asked “what is the furthest thing in this world”
“Emmmmm,,I don’t know” , I said…
“Wiseman say, The past”..he answered..
It is absolutely correct! No matter how hard we try, no matter how much effort we spent, we won’t reach back our past, we can’t turn back time..
So, no matter what happens now, just enjoy it every single time! Beacuse it will gone before you realize it…
Happy friday! 🙂 – with Reza

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Environment change, Situation change, Life change, and, of course, People change..

The world pursues us to keep moving. Everyone is busy to do their life, to fix their life, to ‘upgrade’ their life, to move forward..Look-Forward and Go-Ahead are common phrases for people. But there’re still a few people who like to take a look at their back and remembered what they’ve left behind. And I’m one of them.. Either it is for a good reason or not..

For me, memories and things I left behind and been through are such a precious. Good and bad,, sweet and sour,, big and small. Memorizing memories. That’s how I call it.

There’re people who move fast, and there’s a few that slow.  And then the slow left behind.


In order to move forward and go ahead, sometimes, people should make some changes in their life. Sometimes the changes are good, but sometimes bad. Realize or not, some people forget about the good or bad, as long as they can move forward, keep living, and stay “alive”..  But I believe there’re still many people who do good changes. And I’m glad that there’re a lot of people around me who do good changes.

Don’t you ever feel that you were ahead? Or don’t you ever feel that you were left?

It’s all because of changes.. That’s why we have to do some changes.

Situations change, force us to change too. People change, to change their life path, to make the situation change. So who did what and what did who actually?

Changes, Future, and Memories..

I’d probably like to say ‘memories’, rather than ‘past time’..Because when I notice it as memories, it will remain, when past time is not.  I’m sort of a person that loves to keep things, keep old things, keeping memories. Memories are definite, and Future is infinite.

Time flies, days are changing, years passing by, we are getting older and older, new generation comes. The future is right there, waiting for us to pick up, or maybe stays for us to arrive. Masa depan datang tanpa kita minta, dan masa lalu berlalu tanpa kita sadari. Nowadays I realize that a lot of things had passed by. Cannot reach them back, cannot go through that back, just realizing and memorizing.  What did I do in my life? What have I done for my life?



Chaos. Five letters. Have a lot of impact.

I think my hypothesis about what cause chaos is almost right.  I have my own opinion, that : Chaos is the condition that will occur as a result of uncertainty.

Let me prove it.

When there is big sale on a department store, there’re should be a massive amount of people, right? (of course!), but the cashier didn’t give a clear queue markers, then it will cause chaos. The uncertainty of queue line cause a chaos.

When there is a concert in a big hall with a lot of doors, but there’re no clear signage that could explain which doors  used as an entrance. It will cause a chaos. The uncertainty of entrance location cause a chaos.

When your teacher said, “your paper should be submitted from morning until afternoon”, but he didn’t give any explanation when the exact time is, then it will cause a chaos. The uncertainty of time cause a chaos.

etc. ,,,etc. ..

And then, when the chaos start, it will never end until the certainty comes up.

Chaos make us inconvenient, right? It’ will be a tiring situation. Even if it just a small group of uncertainty, a little chaos. Can you imagine how tiring it was, when the uncertainty are waiting for you everyday? can u imagine what would happen if there are huge amount of uncertainty you would face in your life? can you imagine, how big the chaos is when the uncertainty itself is your country? Well, this is really happening. It’s happening in my country now. My beloved homeland, Indonesia..

Sorry to say, I didn’t mean to disfigure my own homeland. I do love Indonesia, I born here, I live here, this is a beautiful country which have a lot of beautiful nature and have a huge natural resources. But it feels like beyond my patience, or even some Indonesian citizen’s patience, or even a lot of Indonesian citizen’s patience, or even everyone’s patience who live in Indonesia. There are no certain punishment for people who do wrong. Even it was like there are no certain law that could say which one was wrong and which one was right. The government, who should be the state official and who should act like one, seems like never have certain action to create a better future for this country.

Some people may say, “don’t wait your government to do so, but start from yourself”. Hey, I do. We do. We all do. Don’t you think, when a child want to run so badly, but his parents said that it’s dangerous and they hold their child’s hand tight, then the child would never run, the child would never can run. That’s the same example here. It seems like, every opinion, every initiative, every offer, every suggestion that comes from ordinary people outside the state officials is not a worth of thing, it’s not valuable. There’s a big gap between government and citizen. People were left clueless. People are abandoned. We were forced to live in uncertainty. It is like a marriage vow, marriage between citizens and uncertainty and obscurity of a country. “’till death do us apart”

This country is in a big trouble. Chaos is happening. It’s still a “silent” chaos, it’s a hidden chaos. It will grow bigger and bigger, like a snow ball. It will never stop until the certainty comes up.

This country do really need a big big make over.

Well, maybe, i’m not the only person who think it’s true,, maybe there’re people who had the same opinion, or maybe you were thinking the same. If you do, then we are in the same page,, Thank God…