Words of Wisdom


wow,,, it’s been a veeeeeeeery long time to take for me to write the very first post in my blog… I think we should blame something that called “my mood”..because I am the kind of person that depends on the mood when I do something, and for this blog, I think I should write something when I have that kind of mood, u know the kinda writing mood…hehe..

anyway, 2 days ago, when I do nothing in my long holiday, i checked my twitter (it’s not usual for me to randomly check my twitter by the way. so it’s kinda amazing..kyahaa).. and I checked on my timeline, and I just realize that I follow something (because it can’t be said as ‘someone’, hhe) that called “SemangatPositif”..and it has so many good tweets (obviously ..XP).. at least, i think it’s tweets just suits me well in the middle of my muse day..

here they are…^^

” Masih banyak orang yg merasa benar hanya karena yakin bahwa dia benar, bukan tahu bahwa dia benar.”

yess, I totaly agree,,that there still so many people who thinks that the’re right, not because they now what is right, but because the think they’re right.. These days I realize that there are so many people who have an “overconfident” attitude..they thought they are the best, they thought what they think is the right thing and the other’s did wrong..that kinda person usualy couldn’t or won’t listen to other’s opinion, because their ears, heart, and eyes are closed.. true?

“Orang lain mungkin akan mengapresiasi kecerdasanmu, namun mereka akan lebih menghargai dan menghormati sikap2mu.”

and this one is also true.. People might be appreciate your intelligence, but they will appreciate and even respect you more by your attitude,, hmm,,, i think the words “good attitude” starts being forgotten by most of us.. it’s true right? at least for me it’s true, because I often meet persons who are smart, even very smart, but they don’t have a good attitude.. well, I didn’t say that I’m smart and have good attitude, but, what I’m trying to say is, u must have known  that kinda of persons do exist in this world.. right?

“Beberapa niat baik seringkali tidak disambut dg baik, biasanya terjadi hanya karena disampaikan dg cara yg kurang baik.”

yap, right.. sometimes people don’t have a good skill to communicate..that’s why sometimes the message that someone trying to deliver to others is not received well,, so the reaction from that message might be doesn’t fit to the expectation of the person who give the message.. for this one, I think we cannot blame anybody, because, that’s how the people..there are persons who are good at communication, and there are persons who are not,, so the solution is, the persons-who-are-not-good-at-communication’s friend who are good at communication should come to help.. (fyuhh,,,sory for my unstructured words.. :p)

“Selalu doakan semua yg kau usahakan, dan jangan lupa juga untuk selalu usahakan semua yg telah kau doakan.”

Yes,  though I’m not a realy religious woman, but I know that Prayers are important.. But u cannot just do a prayers more and do the effort less in order to make what u prayed came true.. The prayers and The effort must come in balance..

“Menjauhkan keburukan dari diri kita, dapat dimulai dg cara mengisi hati penuh dg perbuatan kebaikan.”

Positive energy…come to me..  Negative energy,,,just go it away.. Make yourself close to something positive, like a positive heart or positive activities or any other positive things, to make us stay away from the negatives, badness, shabbiness…

“Hidup adalah keindahan dan anugrah yg luar biasa ketika kita masih diberi waktu untuk bersama orang2 yg kita sayangi.”

It said, life is beauty and an amazing blessing when we still have a chance to be with persons that we love.. and suddenly, when i read this, I was increasingly aware that I love my family and my best friend..God bless me, God bless us..

“Kalau kau ingin selalu semangat, bergaulah dg orang2 yang penuh semangat.”

this quote is similar from the previous quote,, it’s true that if u want to  be positive, u should surround yourself with positive environment,,if u want to be a good person, then make friend with good persons too, if u want to be smart, so gather around with smart people.. and if u want to be always in a good spirit, then u should hang out more with people who have good spirit.. That’s the Law,, it’s natural..

“Selama kita masih punya harapan, disitu pasti ada kesempatan.”

There’s a will, there’s a way.. There’s a hope, there’s a chance.. The point is, life is to short to give up..

Hope u love those wise words as much as I do.. 🙂